Saturday, September 03, 2005

Barbers Pole have raised £3642 0r $6,708.17 USA Raised since 8th June 2005

Been away in North Carolina for a few days visiting my friend Henry the Hobbit Golfer and his wonderful wife Jodi, sorting some biz out, and some more Charity fundraising events for 2006 (more to be revealed soon)
Met David Hayman yesterday, and issued a cheque to Spirit Aid for £800

£321 and £276 to add to the running totals for the past 2 weeks I've not been able to report

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ............. Thanks to the wonderful ladies of the Barbers Pole (and Customers)

The Barbers Pole St Andrews is doing its bit to help fight Poverty and Hardship

£3642 0r $6,708.17 USA Raised since 8th June 2005

80p a Haircut going to charity and donations by the the Customers of the Barbers Pole St Andrews Scotland

Coversion used Universal Currency Converter ®

Split between worthy charities

World Disaster Help and Samadana-M (Sri Lanka)

Malawi African Charity

Spirit Aid (Worldwide Humanitarian Aid)



Donated money so far in 2005 :

£600 - to Malawi

£600 - to Keepers of the Green

£600 - Has been Donated to Sri Lanka and Muzza Cader - Samadana/m

£800 - Has been donated to Spirit Aid and David Hayman

PLUS .............

over 500 children helped to take year 5 exams

Several other People got back to work in Sri Lanka in early 2005

£1000 donated to Spirit Aid thanks largely to Emma Lothian from Beccles and her Deaf club friends

an extra Donation to Sri Lanka of £300 by the Barbers Pole
and a Further £250 donated By Emma to get Tsunami Widows back to work post Tsunami