Saturday, August 13, 2005

Barbers Pole have raised - £2717 0r $4,930.81 USD Raised since 8th June 2005

The Barbers Pole St Andrews is doing its bit to help fight Poverty and Hardship

£2717 0r $4,930.81 USD Raised since 8th June 2005

80p a Haircut going to charity and donations by the the Customers of the Barbers Pole St Andrews Scotland

Coversion used Universal Currency Converter ®

Split between worthy charities

World Disaster Help and Samadana-M (Sri Lanka)

Malawi African Charity

Spirit Aid (Worldwide Humanitarian Aid)



Donated money so far in 2005 :

£600 - has already gone to Malawi

£600 - Has been donated to Keepers of the Green

£600 - Has been Donated to Sri Lanka and Muzza Cader - Samadana/m

PLUS .............

over 500 children helped to take year 5 exams
Several People got back to work in Sri Lanka
£1000 donated to Spirit Aid thanks largely to Emma Lothian from Beccles and her Deaf club friends
an extra Donation to Sri Lanka of £300 by the Barbers Pole
and a Further £250 donated By Emma to get Tsunami Widows back to work



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