Thursday, July 28, 2005

£1996.00 0r $3,507.13 USD Raised since 8th June 2005 going to Good Causes at Home and Abroad - The Barbers Pole Helping Fight Poverty

The Barbers Pole St Andrews is doing its bit to help fight Poverty and Hardship

£1996.00 0r $3,507.13 USD Raised since 8th June 2005

80p a Haircut going to charity and donations by the the Customers of theBarbers Pole St Andrews Scotland

Coversion used Universal Currency Converter ®

Split between 4 charities

Keepers of the Green (St Andrews Scotland)
World Disaster Help and Samadana-M (Sri Lanka)
Malawi African Charity
Spirit Aid (Worldwide Humanitarian Aid)



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