Sunday, June 19, 2005

'River City' Cast nite.. Monday 13th June

The event was arranged by Joyce Falconer best known as 'Roisin' from the Scottish soap opera River City, also with Rony Bridges (Entertainment Manager of Oran Mor) to raise funds for 'Spirit Aid' donation to the Sri Lanka's orphanage.

I flew from Stansted airport, arriving Glasgow at 5.15pm. Got a cab direct to Oran Mor, arrived at 6pm.

Helped to set up the raffle display & tables..

At 7.30pm started selling raffle tickets with another volunteer Lois, it was busy evening as havent stopped running about!
Then spotted Steve Cooke who came all the way from Fife, was pleased to see him & managed a couple of mintues chat, told him where the table was etc.

Carried on selling raffle tickets, didnt see much of the show as was behind the wall most of the time, guarding the prizes etc!

Steve showed me the cheque and I thought WOW its a big cheque, felt proud of us at WDH to give Spirit Aid some support.
The next thing I was dragged off to the stage, but before I did, I went to let Steve know as didnt want him to miss out, but it all happened so fast, I didnt get a chance to say something which was a bit disappointing, also I wanted Steve to come up on the stage to say something too & for me to sign, but it didnt happen, felt that it was all rushed!

The evening raffle total was approx £308.95 the total amount for the evening raised was £4000.
The Cast from River City was great but like I said I didnt see much of the show!

Went home early morning arrived back at Stansted, it seems all fast happening to me!!
Have plans to have London event later in the year to raise funds for WDH.

(Pics to follow, as havent got the hang of posting it on it!!)


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