Thursday, June 09, 2005

Martin's Quiz Nite & Car Boot sales stories...

How i am involved for raising money. My name is Martin Arkell and i have been good friends with Emma Lothian for many years now. After the Tsunami disaster happened Emma wanted to raise money for the disaster fund. So on Saturday March 19th the first of many events took place. I, along with other friends of Emma's took part in a quiz night at Romford Deaf Club.On the night i was on the door taking the money, which was a fantastic experience for me as am in the process of doing my BSL 2nd Level course, and the extra practise was much needed for when i take my exam! In the end the event was attended by 20 or so people, so it was decided that we all split up into 3s, which was good for me as i don't think i would have been very good on my own!So battle commenced, and my little group got off to a good start, and after round 1 we were in the lead! By the time of the raffle interval we was joint 1st, which was great, seeing as some of the questions where really difficult indeed! After the interval we took the bull by the horns and took the lead. At the end of the quiz, much to our amazement we romped home the winners by a clear 10 points. We went up to collect out winners medal, of which i still have safely, and always reminds me of a fantastic evening.The evening raised £135 which was a fantastic amount for the number of people who attended. I would like to thank everyone who did attend, for making it such a fun night, especially my winning team mates. Also thanks Emma for inviting me and organising things. All i say is bring on the next quiz night, so hopefully i can be involved with the champions again!!Boot Sale Fund RasingAfter having so much fun at the quiz night, i wanted to do so much more for raising money. So i put my thinking cap on for ideas that i as an individual could do. I have always done car boot sales, so i thought why not do them to raise money. I have loads of junk around the house, eventually mounting up to 10 boxes worth! So for the past few weeks i have been loading up my old Vauxhall Astra, and off i go. At the time of writing this i have been to 5 boot sales, all different ones, as i think that it is best to move around and meet different people. Am so amazed as to how well each one has gone. As the saying goes 'One persons junk is another persons treasure!" This is going to be an on going thing for me and at the moment i have raised £200 with more to come hopefully. Time to go looking for more junk!
Pic to be added when I do the next car boot sale!


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