Saturday, June 04, 2005

Basic Objectives of World Disaster Help

The Roles of World Disaster Help

1/ To have a Worldwide Banner Campaign offering to help all sorts of Misfortunes including : Aids and Illness, Temp Accommodation, Getting to Work schemes, Landmine Victims

Special Attention being paid to :
The Deaf and Disabled

and getting NGO's to take digital images in Areas needing help and transmitting them worldwide over the Internet on

2/ To Start a Campaign from the Barbers Pole to Promote Direct Donations via 60p being added to the price of a Haircut (still reasonabally priced)

20p (or about 35 USA cents) Per Haircut will get split 3 ways :

20p to World Disaster Help
20p to Spirit Aid
20p to Keepers of the Green

3/ To offer a Volunteers Database (secure) in times of massive needs of Proffesional People during Disasters (examples the Tsunami and Famine in Sudan and Ethiopia etc)

4/ To make others aware the World is a very needy and deserving place away from the comfort of the western Living Room



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