Saturday, June 04, 2005

Affiliation to Spirit Aid

News coming soon on our Affiliation with Spirit Aid

Steve Cooke, Arlene Cooke, David Hayman & The woman with 'The Voice of an Angel' Michaela Foster Marsh at the Oran Mor

The World Disaster Help Team were personally Invited as Guests of Actor and Director David Hayman, Head of Operations at Glasgow Based Spirit Aid Charity ,to a Scottish Music Bash,
'A Scottish Divas Night'
For those that don't know (which Included me, that means Female Superstar Singers !! )

David Hayman Starts the Fundraising Evening off with a Very Powerful Speech about his Experiences, a 20 Minute DVD 'Children of the Tsunami' was shown, and confirmed that Aid is STILL very slow at getting to certain Places

An Incredible amount of Talent was on Display Tonight, Steve & Arlene Cooke, and Emma Lothian were treated some amazing music !

2 River City Sweethearts

The Wonderful Michaela Foster Marsh

Joyce Falconer from River City


Some of the Legendry Alex Harvey Band

Emma Lothian, David Hayman and Arlene Cooke

DC Barclay who does an Incredible of work for Spirit Aid shares some good banter with David Hayman

A school re-union as School Pals Stewart and David meet after several years

Spooky Oran Mor - Is it us or is there a Skull in the Beard on the Bust ?

Rony Bridges and the Team deserve a Medal for the Work that goes into Events like this


Blogger Emma said...

Brilliant, will look forwards to it :o)

5:31 AM  
Blogger Norma Owen - Avadon said...

You are just getting started and have facilitated so much good. I am proud to work with you in the US. Keep up the great for humanity.

7:09 AM  
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