Thursday, June 09, 2005

60/70's Muscial Event...

Saturday 14th May..

After a long week of excitement, was very much looking forwards to the fund-raising event, which was The 60/70's Musical Extravaganza whose idea was by Nicki Ford & Linda Holland, to raise money for me, I was honoured & pleased that so many people from Beccles who have kindly donated so many gifts for the raffle & auction. I arrived earlier to offer a hand with the tables & chairs, Roy who did the lighting made us all a cuppa tea!
The Public Hall was free, Elvis, the Silverfox disco & the Band all offered their services free which was wonderful gesture! Cliff Cox the ex pubowner gave his time to serve drinks for the thirsty clubbers. It started at 7.30pm till 11pm, I even dressed up in 70's wearing huge blonde curly wig, purple floppy hat, purple top & bright orange trousers with platform shoes! oh yes pink sunglasses. it was so good to see old faces & for everyone to support WDH a charity that I am committed with. I am very grateful to Linda & Nicki for their hard work in making this event go well, I gave them a bouquet of flowers to thank them.
We are planning more fund raising events, 1 will include families. Total raised (will add this once I know exact amount)

Elvis on stage, singing one of his hits!

Elvis doing his impression on the girls

Elvis dancing & singing with the girls

2 Doormen on duty

Inside Beccles Public Hall


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