Tuesday, April 12, 2005

World Disaster Help helps Children to Prepare and Take Year 5 Scholarship Examinations

Latest News - Dated 12-04-05

The Project Launched.-

World Disaster Help helps Children in preparing for exams.
Year 5 Scholarship Exam books were distributed to the students of the Periyakallar Vidyalaya in the District of Batticoloa. The Project was proposed to Samadana/m ( centre for non violent conflict resolution and conflict handling) by the Common Wealth Youth Programme of the Open University of Sri Lanka and was sponsored by WORLD DISASTER HELP with the Financial Support of Janet. The books are of urgent need to prepare the student for the year 5 scholarship exam that is due to take place in the month of May/June 2005.

The students and the teachers of the school were extremely happy and expressed their special word of thanks for World Disaster Help for financial supporting this worthy cause and for Samadana and CYP of the Open University for making the arrangements and coordinating the effort.


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